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Carol P. Andrew - Public Speaking Coach & Trainer

Carol P. Andrew: Fearless Public Speaking

"The Speaking Blueprint for Powerful, Persuasive, Presentations"

Carol P. Andrew can help you overcome your fear of public speaking.

Does public speaking leave you gasping for breath, biting your fingernails?

Way out of your comfort zone?

You are not alone. . . .

We know the fear of public speaking is greater than the fear of death!


Public Speaking coach Carol P. Andrew is your coach to overcome fear of public speaking.
Lose your fear of public speaking.

Imagine yourself presenting to a group with easy confidence and sincerity, stepping into the speaking spotlight— No fear!

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  Coaching public speaking skills to allow successful presentations.

Enjoying appreciation
and success!

Speak from your heart, not your head
Transfer your vision and knowledge
Engage and inspire your listeners
With public speaking coaching you can be more successful
Your audience is excited and eager for more- how great would this feel?
Share your passion and reveal your inner speaking champion
Speak with authenticity and grow your business
Expand your visibility and achievements in the workplace
Develop executive presence and get that promotion
Learn how Carol P. Andrew can help you overcome the fear of public speaking.

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From Panic to Success!
"Carol guided me from panic to calmly speaking nationally with success"
Kathleen Fuller, Ph.D
Amazon Bestselling Author of:
"Not Your Mother's Diet"
Helping you Find the Power to Change!
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Clear, Concise, Coaching
"Carol gave me clear, concise coaching on my speeches and pointed out a vital aspect for me to work on. The result was 1st place in Toastmasters' humorous speech contest."
Jim Coffey
Gano Excel Distributor
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Improve Body Language
"Carol has a knack for pinpointing areas that need improvement. My problem was body language: my shoulders were up, my fists clenched and I was slouching without realizing it and flapping my fists in the wind! She suggested wonderful arm stretching exercises to release all that tension! My next speeches were more successful, expressive and engaging."
Danielle Baron
Social & Behavior Communication Program Manager: Stuart, Fl